The Road Warrior President

I’ve come to the uncomfortable conclusion that Barack Obama is the Road Warrior. Not the Mel Gibson kill-everything-in-sight kind of road warrior…more of a killing-time kind of road warrior.

ROAD is an uncomplimentary military acronym. It means Retired On Active Duty and it is used to describe a service member who has given up, and is just killing time waiting to retire. Military road warriors don’t take on new projects. They’re absent a lot from the workplace, and when they work at all, they stick with the old and the familiar.

Russia-Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Mideast peace process, Bowe Bergdahl…anyone else have the sense that the administration is just phoning it in on matters of national security and foreign policy?

As ISIS, formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, is seizing major cities in Iraq, looting banks, and confiscating modern American weaponry, Obama is doing what is old and comfortable: making highly snarky speeches on global warming, fund-raising, and…yep…playing golf.

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